Henry’s Story


One thing is guaranteed when you step outside your door, anything can pretty much happen, days are unpredictable. The normal day to day things can turn quickly into a day of disaster and you would have no control over it. Some people take life for granted and don’t think or just don’t care about how daily actions that they do until something bad happens and they have a new take on life.

This short story is about a young man whose life changed just in one day without any kind of warning. Henry was a young caterer who made a killer income by going solo and opening up his own catering business. He specialized in private event food service delivering exquisite dishes to high paying clientele. There wasn’t anything that he could not sell which made him a shark at what he did.

All the big talk of Henry running and owning the top catering company in town was slowly getting to his head, increasing his overwhelming ego. He started to think that he was better than anybody else and any other company on the planet. This can start to happen when a person is getting so much praise about their work ethic or how they accumulate so much business. With Henry being the youngest business owner in town he felt that he could do anything.

One day Henry was getting ready for work he had a large event to attend to. He did his normal thing in the morning he ate breakfast got his papers together etc. It was a normal morning for Henry, he called his mother every morning as well to tell her he loved her and to have a quick chat with her. He got into his car and drove to his favorite coffee spot to get his regular mocha latte. As he was leaving out the coffee shop he noticed that an old lady needing some help with her bags, so as a gentleman he helped her with her bags and even put them in her trunk for her. The old lady thanked him and tried to give him money, but Henry declined it and started to walk away.

As he crossed the street there was a car that was making it’s way down that road fast and Henry didn’t notice it, he was also texting. Henry continued to cross the street but once he was in the middle of the street the speeding car hit him. Henry’s body flew up into the air and landed on the ground with incredible force. On lookers were in shock and rushed to the scene where the accident happened. Henry wasn’t moving at all and the driver was nowhere in sight. Once the driver hit Henry he ran out the car and just left the scene of the accident. Once the paramedics came Henry wasn’t breathing there was no sign of life in him. He was gone just like that in a blink of an eye.

Henry stepped outside his door that day he didn’t know what the day was going to bring him. He was young successful and full of life now his life was lost just like that. He was young, successful, ambitious and full of life and just like that his life was taken away by a reckless driver.

Enjoy life and stay safe!

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