Julie and Derrick

When you think about falling in love what is it that you see? Many people have different opinions about love. From sexual preferences, to races, etc. Love is something that just happens unexpectedly. You will never see it coming and then you are hit with it. It is a warm tingly feeling when you fall in love with that right person. But it can come with many different obstacles that you would have to face. This article will tell the story of a girl who fell in love, but because of her parents it didn’t last that long.


Julie was your all American girl good grades in school popular on the road to an Ivy League college. She was raised in a catholic household with strict parents. But Julie never let the strictness bother her. She maintained her home life, and social life very well. One day when Julie was running an errand for her mother she was in the store and accidentally bumped into a young man who was covered in sweat and his face and fingers looked like he had just rolled out of a tow truck Fayetteville NC. They made eye contact and exchanged apologies, the apologies turned into a conversation the rest is history.

His name was Derrick and Julie was attracted to him and the feeling was mutual for Derrick as well. After that bump in the store they exchanged phone numbers and started to get to know one another. Derrick was in school, but he was a bad boy he would skip class and hang out on the streets with his gang by a car lot. He lived with his grandmother for some time now. His parents died and he was forced to live with his grandmother, she took good care of him. Over time his grandmother’s health had began deteriorating, and he was forced to quit school to take care of her. Derrick wanted to change his bad boy ways but that was a hard thing to do for him.

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Julie and Derrick continued to communicate over the phone and even went out on a couple of dates. They would meet at a secret location because of Julie’s parents. Julie was catholic with strict parents, plus a Caucasian her parents wouldn’t approve of her relationship with Derrick who was an African American and a bad boy. This eventually become a for her parents, they would have conversations about it all the time. Months passed by with their relationship being a secret. Julie never told her friends about Derrick and the same went for Derrick as well.

One day when Julie and Derrick were on a date Julie’s dad was driving home and happened to see both of them. Her dad pulled over and approached both of them and spilled his feelings about their relationship and pulled Julie and put her in the car. Julie was heartbroken and didn’t know when she was going to see Derrick again. Her parents started picking her up and dropping her off at school and didn’t let her have access to the car by herself. Her parents didn’t want her with a black man that was something that was not allowed in their house.

With no kind of contact with one another Julie and Derrick just went on with their lives. Julie went off to college and became involved with another young man that was to her parents liking. Derrick remained stuck in his life, but could not get over the love of his life. Julie and Derrick loved one another, but couldn’t be together for prejudice reasons. This issue still exist today but love should be welcomed by all instead of being categorized. Love one another regardless of who or what they are.

The moral this short story is: love is love, why discriminate.

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