Humans are wired to give feedback and opinions about anything and everything. What most people fail to realize sometimes is, it is OK to just sit back and let things play out. Or to just be quiet about whatever issue or situation they may want to add their opinions too.

Some of us love to dish out whatever it is they want to about a person, situation, social media post, etc. But then when the tables are turned they can’t take someone talking about them.

Jennifer’s Story


Our generation of young folks today are more diverse and into technology than ever before. We have 6 and 7 year old’s knowing how to navigate on a device better than any adult. Another issue that has been on the raise with our youth is bullying. From what our children see on TV or on any kind of social media plays a factor on.

They see celebrities who are thin who have the latest clothes, the newest shoes, and all that leaves a huge impression on their lives. Not all of us are blessed with rices or born with the proverbial “silver spoon” in our mouth. Some people grow up being chauffeured around their whole life while others simply get by.

Jennifer was a quiet 12 year old girl who always did what she was told, and never gave her parents any kind of trouble. Her dad worked at the best tow company Kansas City MO and so did her mom. The money was somewhat tight, but they all managed to get by at the end of the day. To pull in extra money Jennifer would run errands for her neighbor Ms. Anderson, she couldn’t travel as much. Jennifer saved whatever extra money she made so she could get a new pair of sneakers she was eyeing on TV.

Julie and Derrick

When you think about falling in love what is it that you see? Many people have different opinions about love. From sexual preferences, to races, etc. Love is something that just happens unexpectedly. You will never see it coming and then you are hit with it. It is a warm tingly feeling when you fall in love with that right person. But it can come with many different obstacles that you would have to face. This article will tell the story of a girl who fell in love, but because of her parents it didn’t last that long.


Julie was your all American girl good grades in school popular on the road to an Ivy League college. She was raised in a catholic household with strict parents. But Julie never let the strictness bother her. She maintained her home life, and social life very well. One day when Julie was running an errand for her mother she was in the store and accidentally bumped into a young man who was covered in sweat and his face and fingers looked like he had just rolled out of a tow truck Fayetteville NC. They made eye contact and exchanged apologies, the apologies turned into a conversation the rest is history.

Henry’s Story


One thing is guaranteed when you step outside your door, anything can pretty much happen, days are unpredictable. The normal day to day things can turn quickly into a day of disaster and you would have no control over it. Some people take life for granted and don’t think or just don’t care about how daily actions that they do until something bad happens and they have a new take on life.

This short story is about a young man whose life changed just in one day without any kind of warning. Henry was a young caterer who made a killer income by going solo and opening up his own catering business. He specialized in private event food service delivering exquisite dishes to high paying clientele. There wasn’t anything that he could not sell which made him a shark at what he did.

All the big talk of Henry running and owning the top catering company in town was slowly getting to his head, increasing his overwhelming ego. He started to think that he was better than anybody else and any other company on the planet. This can start to happen when a person is getting so much praise about their work ethic or how they accumulate so much business. With Henry being the youngest business owner in town he felt that he could do anything.

Introduction to My Short Stories


I want to introduce myself to the world with my short stories. I am hoping to provide online readers with some awesome online content. I have always had a thing for short stories and creating ones that would capture the imagination of interested readers.

I guess you can say it all began with my mother, she would tuck me in and flip pages of short stories until I fell asleep. When I look back on it that was a gift that my mother gave me that has carried on into adult hood.

I want to share my gift of short stories with the online world and it will begin with this site. I could have started this a long time ago but I was afraid of the online world and all the comments I would here about my stories.

Anyway.. I will end my brief introduction here and I will begin my short stories. I hope you enjoy! 🙂