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Jennifer’s Story


Our generation of young folks today are more diverse and into technology than ever before. We have 6 and 7 year old’s knowing how to navigate on a device better than any adult. Another issue that has been on the raise with our youth is bullying. From what our children see on TV or on any kind of social media plays a factor on.

They see celebrities who are thin who have the latest clothes, the newest shoes, and all that leaves a huge impression on their lives. Not all of us are blessed with rices or born with the proverbial “silver spoon” in our mouth. Some people grow up being chauffeured around their whole life while others simply get by.

Jennifer was a quiet 12 year old girl who always did what she was told, and never gave her parents any kind of trouble. Her dad worked a part time job, and so did her mom. The money was tight, but they all managed to get by. To pull in extra money Jennifer would run errands for her neighbor Ms. Anderson, she couldn’t travel as much. Jennifer saved whatever extra money she made so she could get a new pair of sneakers she was eyeing on TV.