Catholic (1)

Julie and Derrick

When you think about falling in love what is it that you see? Many people have different opinions about love. From sexual preferences, to races, etc. Love is something that just happens unexpectedly. You will never see it coming and then you are hit with it. It is a warm tingly feeling when you fall in love with that right person. But it can come with many different obstacles that you would have to face. This article will tell the story of a girl who fell in love, but because of her parents it didn’t last that long.


Julie was your all American girl good grades in school popular on the road to an Ivy League college. She was raised in a catholic household with strict parents. But Julie never let the strictness bother her. She maintained her home life, and social life very well. One day when Julie was running an errand for her mother she was in the store and accidentally bumped into a young man who was covered in sweat and his face and fingers looked like he had just rolled out of a tow truck Fayetteville NC. They made eye contact and exchanged apologies, the apologies turned into a conversation the rest is history.