Catering (1)

Henry’s Story


One thing is guaranteed when you step outside your door, anything can pretty much happen, days are unpredictable. The normal day to day things can turn quickly into a day of disaster and you would have no control over it. Some people take life for granted and don’t think or just don’t care about how daily actions that they do until something bad happens and they have a new take on life.

This short story is about a young man whose life changed just in one day without any kind of warning. Henry was a young caterer who made a killer income by going solo and opening up his own catering business. He specialized in private event food service delivering exquisite dishes to high paying clientele. There wasn’t anything that he could not sell which made him a shark at what he did.

All the big talk of Henry running and owning the top catering company in town was slowly getting to his head, increasing his overwhelming ego. He started to think that he was better than anybody else and any other company on the planet. This can start to happen when a person is getting so much praise about their work ethic or how they accumulate so much business. With Henry being the youngest business owner in town he felt that he could do anything.