Humans are wired to give feedback and opinions about anything and everything. What most people fail to realize sometimes is, it is OK to just sit back and let things play out. Or to just be quiet about whatever issue or situation they may want to add their opinions too.

Some of us love to dish out whatever it is they want to about a person, situation, social media post, etc. But then when the tables are turned they can’t take someone talking about them.

Jessica was your typical 36 year old woman with a full time job and flourishing family. Jessica was a family woman always taking care of her parents running errands for them taking them shopping etc. She took care of her home as well making sure her husband and her daughter were taking care of. Your typical wife and mother duties.

Even though Jessica was an upstanding daughter, mother, and wife she had some flaws with her. She loved to talk about people behind their backs, gossip about who did this and that and with who. Her husband knew this about his wife, he would advise her to slow all that down but she kept on. It was 24/7 thing on the phone to her sister, or on social media. She would even sneak at work to see what her friends were posting online to gossip about it. One day she gossiped to the wrong person. She would quickly learn that the one’s closest to you should not be trusted with trash talk.

Jessica not only gossiped about other people to her sister in law, she even opened up about some of her issues she was having with money, her husband, and her bills. Jessica always walked around like she was better than everybody, and acted like she had it all. Her sister in law now knew that Jessica was being fake about everything she bragged about to people, and also what she posted about online. It was amazing how Jessica could be quick to open up her mouth about people, but think she wasn’t going to get it back in return.

Jessica’s sister in law told all of Jessica’s business, and gossip to many different people which both of them knew. It was then that all her talking from the gossiping and her own personal business got back to a co-worker that she gossiped about. Her co-worker confronted Jessica at work and they both exchanged foul words to each other. That is when her co-worker said something personal that only Jessica knew about. Her co-worker said that the whole department knew about her unpaid bills, and her issues with her husband. Her co-worker exposed her “fakeness” in front of everyone at work.

Jessica was dumbfounded she thought she could trust her sister in law, she learned the hard way you cannot trust just anyone. Jessica talked a lot about other people and their business. Then she got the same thing done to her, karma can be a bitch watch what you say about people it might just come back and bite you.

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